Students from Winners Education in Athens, Greece created a survey to find out more about teen views of Globalisation. Eighty- five 85 teenagers from around the globe responded to the survey. Here's what they think about globalisation:

As you can see, not only our students, but young people around the globe have a good understanding of the ways in which globalisation is transforming our world.

Survey screen grab
This is the original survey that was distributed online.

Students were quite evenly spread in opinions of how their daily life is affected by globalisation.
Technology was only slightly most significant, followed closely by food. Travel, music, fashion and communication were close behind. These results show how globalisation influences so many aspects of everyday life.

survey results
Over 70% of teenagers notice globalisation all or most of the time. Less than 10% seldom or never notice it. Globalisation is all around us!

It was interesting to see such an even spread of global stores across the countries we surveyed. Zara and H&M, were slightly down, probably because Zara opened in Australia quite recently, with only one store in Melbourne. H&M will be opening their first Australian store in April, 2014, so global businesses continue to spread across the world.

Around a third of teenagers surveyed thought globalisation was wonderful, however the majority were slightly less enthusiastic although still approving by responding, "I don't mind it!". Less than 10% of teenagers did not like and strongly disliked globalisation.